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BioCare Traps

The biocare traps are a great way to stop clothes moth damage in its tracks! The traps are jumbo size, making them perfect for larger areas, and they have a built-in deterrent that works quickly and efficiently. The clothes moth trap will help reduce damage to your clothes, and it's easy to use - just put your clothes in the trap and watch the damage stop!

Top 10 BioCare Traps 2022

Biocare traps are a unique invention that uses pheromone lure and lpg (lemon grass proteins) as a attractant. The traps are nontoxic and pesticide-free, making them great for use in rearing and farming. The traps are easy to use and can be placed anywhere in your garden, field or garden area. The traps produce a courtesey pheromone that will attract and capture the biocare moth. The trap also contains a toxin so that it can be used as a weapon against the biocare moth.
biocare traps are a new way to stop or reduce the formation of toxic gas no. 9 in your home. These traps work by using gnat stix, a type of plant food, to capture and trap vacancies in the air. By doing so, you can prevent or reduce the formation of toxic gas.
biocare traps are a new type of flea trap that capture eggs and larvae. They are new in the market and free shipping means you can get them before your next trip to the grocery store. These traps are perfect for spring, when there is more attention needed on the house than there is time for. With three pads per box, you can have a well-abiding flea trap in your house in no time.